I don't know my player ID!

Players can find their ID at the bottom at the title screen or in their profile screen by clicking on the 'Apex Racer' icon at the top left at the main menu.

What can I link my Apex Racer account to?

Players can link their Apex Racer account to their Facebook account. It can be found in the settings menu.

Can I change my player ID?

No it's not possible for the player to change the player ID.

Can I change my player name?

Yes, player's display name can be changed in their profile screen by clicking on the 'Apex Racer' icon at the top left at the main menu.

Where can I find my player ID?

Players can find their ID at the bottom at the title screen or in their profile screen by clicking on the 'Apex Racer' icon at the top left at the main menu.

Car Setup / Mod / Research

How do I upgrade the parts?

Parts can be upgraded through the Research Menu. Existing parts will not level up along with research levels, instead, new parts will be produced at the highest unlocked level.

How do I change parts?

Players can customize their race car by changing parts in the Mod Menu, select the 'Parts' tab and the corresponding category to changes parts.

How does the stats affect my vehicle?

Each track will have a recommended setup (Speed, Power, Tech). Try to aim for a setup with the closest ratio and the highest attribute values to achieve the best possible racing performance.

How can I improve my stats?

Stats can be improved by building better or higher level parts unlocked in the Research Menu.

Can I repair my parts?

No, car parts cannot be repaired, but you can always replace the broken parts at a minimal cost. If you ran out of materials for parts production, you can always make use of the free base parts OR use your coins and tokens to purchase the materials you need in various shops.

Is it possible to undo an accidental part sale?

No, selling car parts is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

Where can I get more materials for modding and research?

Earn materials or various currencies by winning races, players can check the Drop section in the Track selection or select the material icon in the Research menu to find out which races drop that material. Players can also check the Shop menu for packages and offers.

How can I shorten the research time?

Players can shorten research time by using gems or watching a short advertisement. Select the 'Speed Up' or 'In Progress' button to bring up the Speed Up Research option.

I can't research the higher tier blueprints!

Make sure the prior research item is at the required level. Look for the red text between the prerequisite and the desired research, it indicates the level requirement.

How many research slots can I have?

Players can have up to 5 research slots.

In-Game Race

How do I successfully Boost at the start of the race?

Players have to press (or hold and release) the Boost button at the correct timing, focus on the green lights and try to time your control to match the shrinking border!

What's the difference between the 3 modes?

Aggressive (Red) sacrifice car stability and battery power efficiency to achieve maximum performance. Normal (White) is standard speed and battery drain while Cautious (Green) increases stability and preserves power at the cost of performance.

When can I use the Special Skill?

When the green bar below the speedometer is full, the Skill button will turn green, indicating when the skill is ready.

How come my vehicle performance suddenly nosedives?

If the car battery and/or Durability of the vehicle reaches zero, the performance will be weakened drastically.

How do I get all 3 medals in a race?

By placing first in a race, players will get all 3 medals and beat the stage.

Hey! How come I'm not getting 10 gems every time I get all 3 medals in a race?

A player will only receive the 10 gems reward for the very first time they get 3 medals in a race.

How do I know passive abilities will kick in?

Player vehicle will have special effects happening. E.g. Trailblazer. There will be on screen notification during the race when abilities are active.

How many types of races are there?

At the moment there's Classic races and Time Attack. We are currently developing League, Grand Prix and many more game modes, so look forward to our future updates!

Why can't I join a particular race?

Please ensure there's enough energy to play the race and the race is unlocked.

Shop / Purchases

I didn't receive my purchase!

Depending on the current network connection and our third-party app store partner, it may take additional time to process your the purchases. If after 30 minutes a player still hasn't received their purchase; please contact us at cs@twitchyfinger.com and provide the following info: Player ID and the in-game purchase receipt.

The material / part I'm looking for is not in the Shop Menu.

The items listed will automatically refresh at the time indicated on shop page OR players can use Gems to immediately refresh shop item list.

Mail and Rewards

I can't receive my mail!

Please ensure your connection is stable and restart the game. Players can also check their mail history to ensure they've received mail items.

My mail reward expired! Is it possible to get it back?

Once a mail has expired it will not be possible to retrieve it.


Where can I find more info on the game?

Players can find more info on Apex Racer at https://www.facebook.com/apexracer.mini4wd/

How do I know if the game is up to date?

Players can check their game's version number at the bottom left at the title screen.

The game is running too slow!

This may indicate a memory issue, players are advised to close all other apps and avoid multitasking to free up as much memory as possible. You can also select 'Low' graphics in the Settings menu to ease the memory requirements.

It's taking forever to load a particular menu!

Please ensure your connection is stable and restart the game.

I keep getting disconnected!

Please ensure your connection is stable and restart the game.

I'm a newbie, it's tough to get all this down right off the bat.

If players need a refresher course, they can also select the '?' icon in the Research and Mod menu for a detailed explanation.