APEX Racer is a racing simulation game based on model cars that race on elaborate slotted tracks (aka Mini 4WD racing). It is a hobby enjoyed by enthusiasts all around the world and has spawned a whole sub-culture of live tournaments, comics,  cartoons and now mobile games. In APEX Racer, players modify, customize, and race their modular cars through solo or multiplayer modes in a series of weekly ranked tournaments.

The game aims to recreate the thrill and fast-paced action of model car racing, introducing it to existing fans as well as a new generation of people to this global phenomenon.




From the developers who brought you Mini Legend. Take on the world's best racers as you modify, customize and race your cars through elaborate fast-paced tracks in the most thrilling racing simulation experience on mobile! Build the car that shows your style with an unbelievable range of customizations and performance parts.


Go head to head with the competition in various racing modes that will test your racing spirit! Adjust your car's pace in on-the-fly as you select between maneuvers to lap your competition with the real-time racing style system. Different game modes will be released throughout 2020.


This isn't your normal racing game. Every aspect of your car is modular. Swap out different parts, customize and tune your car to perfection. Takedown the competition and show who is the apex racer. Advanced customization system; 6 performance parts categories with hundreds of parts to modify the dynamics of your car. Unlock further customization and control every aspect of your car through 3 categories of research and development: Speed, Utility and Tech.


Personalize Your Race Car by advancing through the tiers and unlock different aesthetics. Complete Modular Car Customization for The ultimate Mini 4WD Racing Experience!


Feel the thrill as you race across 20+ tracks in 5 different circuits. From the futuristic highways of Tokyo, snow laden tracks of the peaks, to dangerous makeshift tracks in a warehouse. Each track offers endless gameplay and requires different strategies to tackle each track's unique terrain. Multiplayer PVP & Team Modes allows you to compete solo or with friends (Coming Q1, 2020).


The ultimate Mini 4WD Racing Experience! Unleash your racing spirit!