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Twitchy Finger Limited is a Hong Kong-based mobile game developer and publisher for Google Play and the iOS App Store. Our portfolio includes acclaimed titles such as Combo Koala, Mini Legend, Be A Man: Do The Right Thing, OH~! My Office, Ninja Gear, and Furball Rampage.

With a proven track record, we have established partnerships with both local and international companies and corporations, working on diverse projects encompassing games, app gamification, and AR technology.

Having amassed over 16 million downloads worldwide, our games have achieved success both commercially and critically. Our mission is to create entertaining and inspiring games that resonate with a broad audience. By leveraging our expertise in game design, we strive to merge unique themes with player-centric experiences.

Driven by our ambition, we aim to make a significant impact as a global presence in the mobile gaming industry. Moreover, we aspire to serve as a catalyst for creative talent, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment.


Our company has won numerous awards for our excellence in games including the 2023 Google Play Best Indie Game Award, 2020 GEPS Best Game Award, 2018 HKDA Global Design Awards, 2018 Tencent Game Innovation Award, HSBC 2017 Youth Business Award, 2017 Asia Smart App Awards "HKSTP Best Start-Up Award", 2016 Google Play "Best Independent Game Award" and Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016 "Best Digital Entertainment Software Silver Award".




Our portfolio of games is made with great gameplay in mind. Our focus is to make games that inspire and appeal to players of all ages. Our drive to make the best games possible has garnered us numerous awards and has been consistently featured on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store. 

Hong Kong Skyline


2023 Google Play Best Indie Game Award (HK)

2020 GEPS Best Game Award 

2018 HKDA Global Design Award


2018 Tencent Game Innovation Award

2017 HSBC Youth Business Award

2017 Asia Smart App Awards "HKSTP Best Start-Up Award"

2017 Asia Smart App Awards

"Game and Entertainment Certificate of Merit" 

Google Play Best Game of 2016 

"Best Independent Game" (Hong Kong & Taiwan)

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016 "Best Digital Entertainment

Software Silver Award"


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016 "Best Digital Entertainment

Software  Special Mention"


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015

"Best Digital Entertainment Software Computer Graphics Special Mention"


2015 Asia Smartphone Apps Contest

"Games and Edutainment Certificate of Merit"


Casual Connect Singapore 2015 "Indie Pitch Prize GameFounders Accelerator Award"


HKGD Game Competition & Expo 2015 "Silver Award - Open Group"

Hong Kong Caring Company 2015 - 2022




We have a strong network of partners extending our global reach for all our products



3-5 Wang Tai Road

Hoplite Industrial Centre

Block A, Floor 3, Unit 11-13

Hong Kong, SAR

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